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Evening Examen

Take a moment to find a comfortable position which is relaxed but alert… A simple and longstanding technique is to use the noticing of our breath to gently bring and focus our awareness inwards.

Become more fully aware now of being in the presence of God; in the presence of love …


Begin to let yourself remember the last day.


Now let come what comes at first when you ask

the questions:

  • When did I feel best able to give and receive love?

  • What caused in me an increase in faith, hope and love?

  • Where was I drawn to God?

  • Did I feel myself being nudged or prompted in any particular way?

  • Out of all the experiences, is there one experience, that I feel most grateful for?


Relish these moments of consolation – of revelation…


Give thanks. 


Look again back over the last day

  • When was I aware of God’s presence?

  • Where did I feel least able to give or receive love?

  • What caused in me an increase in faith, hope and love?

  • Where did I fail to respond to His love at work in me


Without harsh judgement, just let yourself look at that experience.


In the light of God’s love – what would you like to say to God about that, event, experience?


What does God want to say to you – remembering that God never refused forgiveness, and only longs to help you remove whatever hinders intimacy with him.


And now, coming back to the present:

  • What insight, revelation, grace do I receive from the experiences of the last day?

  • What gift do I hold from the day?


Pray for the grace to move into this new day (week, year) with love, faith, and hope… for the grace to bring more of what gives us life… for the grace to continue to recognise God in your daily life.


Evening Examen
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A meditation offered by Rev’d Ian Mobsby, a founding member of Moot

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